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What is the Optimal Human Experience? 

What does it take to achieve it? 

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What Is The Optimal Human Experience?

The Optimal Human Experience is not only living in alignment with one's core values and beliefs, it is a journey of continuous self-discovery and personal growth.

By identifying the relevant factors that must be present for a fulfilled life, and eliminating roadblocks to obtaining those factors, achieving a state of inner peace and contentment becomes a certainty rather than an empty hope. 

The Optimal Human Experience is a harmonious balance of physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
Creator of the Optimal Human Experience
Dr. Joseph Diruzzo

Courses & Techniques Developed by 
Dr. Joseph Diruzzo

Introduction to the Optimal Human Experience™

This 4-session online program provides the foundational tools and techniques critical to the development of a fulfilled and satisfying life. A "must-do" and guaranteed program.

Prenatal Reimprinting™

Since 1995, Dr. Joe has been refining the PNRI technology, making more discoveries, and developing more techniques to resolve maladaptive patterns through a unique rewiring of neuroreceptors.

Quantum Relationships™

The Quantum Relationships™ Program offers a new and unique system that any couple can implement to create an almost magical pair-bonding phenomenon guaranteed to empower any relationship.

Whole Brain Creativity Technology™

This program taps into a little-known physiological structure in humans. This opens up unlimited creativity and problem-solving skills otherwise unattainable.

The Wonderbaby Program™

Through the Wonderbaby Program™ and the specific techniques taught in the program, parents are able to provide their developing child with an enormous advantage.

The Gift of the White Tigers

This first book in a three-part series teaches valuable life-lessons for anyone desiring to understand the structure and function of life, community, and wisdom.

The Happy Child Program™

The world today is very different for a child growing up when compared to even 10 or 20 years ago.  The Happy Child Program gets to the root of many childhood problems and transforms the child's experience more in line with the Optimal Human Experience™.

Physiologic Health Care System™

The study of the science of the structure of the healing process. When you get too far away from Nature, things just don't work out so well. This system seeks to unite natural healing with the modern world.

Optimal Human Experience VIP Sessions

Weekly Life Sessions delivered through Zoom  with personal coaching, personal interaction, and expansion of concepts making up the Optimal Human Experience™. Every week is a unique experience. Members have access to past session recordings.
The Optimal Human Experience™ mission is simple: To provide the most powerful and effective programs and techniques ever developed to help individuals reach their human potential, improve the quality of relationships, and live more fulfilling and satisfying lives. 
With hundreds of customers from group sessions and one-on-one sessions around the world, we are now offering online programs to help a greater audience obtain the Optimal Human Experience™


Optimal Human Experience Email Course

What is the Optimal Human Experience? 

What does it take to achieve it? 

Learn the basics in our FREE email course. 
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